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The best way to walk through the collection, is the round trip. If you follow the white underlayed links at the end of each page in the (German) archive, you will see every piece...

Table of contents -
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0. Nullserie - The Beginnings

Vonêche and Beyond - a new edition of the “Nullserie” 2007

1. Teller - Plates / Gedenkteller - Commemorative Plates

2. Schalen - Bowls/
Zitronenpressen - lemon squeezers - Apfelreiben - graters
Salz und Pfeffer - salts

3. Fußschalen - footed bowls

4. Dosen -  covered bowls

5. Becher - Goblets/ Seidel - beer mugs/ Sahnekännchen - creamers

6. Neue Stücke - new in the collection


Or are you looking for a special glasswork? See the index of producers as well.

More written information about pressed glass can be found here.

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